Exentis 3D Mass Customization ®Comparing the technology with other 3D printing processes and classical manufacturing methods

The core areas of competence of the Exentis 3D screen printing technology are far beyond the current market for 3D printing processes. One crucial benefit at Exentis is the ability to print millions of parts on one Exentis 3D production system, so-called Industrialized Additive Manufacturing. For this reason, it is justifiable to draw a comparison with traditional, subtractive manufacturing processes, like milling or grinding, or forming processes like pressing, moulding or injection moulding.


Additive manufacturing technologies will play a firmly established role in the production of parts in the foreseeable future. Additive manufacturing processes are being described as the key (production) technology for the next few years. The seamless integration of 3D printing in existing manufacturing systems will continue to make progress in the foreseeable future and will enable even more advanced product innovations. This is a market that the Exentis 3D screen printing technology aims to exploit.