3D technology platform

Our 3D technology platform offers a comprehensive all-in-one package.


Without any external interfaces.
From one source. Just Exentis.


Our 3D technology platform consists of 3D systems, paste systems, screens and complementary services.

That is all our Exentis 3D community members need to manufacture millions of industrial components, pharmaceutical applications or bioprinting products.

Take advantage of our 3D technology platform and become part of our 3D community!

3D systems

The Exentis 3D systems form the heart of our industrialized 3D manufacturing technology.

In the 3D systems, the desired material is automatically shaped and applied layer by layer to create the required components or pharmaceuticals.

Our 3D community members can choose between different types of 3D systems: for medium-sized series with several ten thousand parts per year or for genuine large-scale production with output of several million parts. Both for industrial components and cleanroom applications like tablets or bioprinting products.

Applications that have been initially developed on a smaller 3D development system and produced in small quantities can be immediately transferred to a 3D production system at the customer’s request and produced millions of times.

With just a few simple steps. Upscaling can be this easy.

There is another crucial benefit: All the Exentis 3D systems have a modular structure. A later extension or a subsequent production expansion of a 3D system that is already in use is very easy to realize.


Screens are the formative element
in our 3D technology.

We produce all the high-tech screens in-house – within 24 hours. Not in 2-3 months as with the time-consuming and cost-intensive tool and mold construction for traditional manufacturing technologies like injection molding. And the process is also much cheaper.

It is also possible to switch from one component to another on a 3D production system in just a few minutes.

These are all unique benefits. And convincing arguments why more and more customers are choosing our 3D technology and becoming part of our 3D community.

Paste systems

Almost any material that is available in powder form can be processed into a paste.

It sounds simple, but it is not.

It requires the highest level of expertise and years of experience. It is one of our core competencies and success factors for our 3D technology. Our Coca-Cola formula, so to speak.


We do not leave our 3D community members in the lurch. That is a promise.

We make sure that the 3D systems purchased under a license agreement are installed and configurated at our 3D community members’ sites. Wherever they need them.

Our 3D production systems are undoubtedly high-tech. But they are still systems that need to be serviced at scheduled intervals.

We take care of that.

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