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1. What dimensions does an ideal application have?

From Exentis’ point of view, an “ideal” part can be described as “small/flat/numerous”. The following part dimensions are beneficial for the large-scale production of 3D printed parts:

  • Length/diameter: 5-50 mm
  • Width: 5-50 mm
  • Height: 0.1-50 mm

However, exceptions prove the rule. Numerous applications therefore have larger dimensions.

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2. Which application materials can be printed?

It is possible to use 3D printing for more than 100 different materials at the moment. These materials include ceramics, metals, polymers or biomaterials. The Exentis 3D Mass Customization® technology however enables multi-material printing too (printing metal on ceramics or vice versa). 


3. What annual production quantities can be achieved using the 3D screen printing technology?

The annual production quantity for an application depends on its size and its properties. The Exentis 3D Mass Customization® technology allows the production of several million items per year of an “ideal” application on one Exentis 3D production system.