Benefits of our 3D technology

Large-scale production with utmost precision? Nothing could be simpler!


Our 3D technology offers unique benefits to all our 3D community members.


Industrialized large-scale production

It is possible to produce up to 5 million industrial components or up to 200 million tablets with flexibly designable delivery profiles for the active pharmaceutical ingredients every year with just one of our 3D systems.

That is large-scale production at its best.

Free choice of materials or active pharmaceutical ingredients

It is possible to easily process ceramics, metals and polymers as well as active pharmaceutical ingredients and biomaterials like active cell cultures and flexibly combine them with each other.

Manufacturing ultra-fine structures

Resolutions of up to 30,000 dpi make it possible to manufacture ultra-fine structures with wall thicknesses of less than 50 micrometers. And do so with consistently high quality in large-scale production.

Only a few companies can do that. But it is a matter of course for us.

Highly flexible production process

Compared to traditional manufacturing technologies, we are able to produce the screens that are required to use our 3D technology within just 24 hours. There is no need for time-consuming and cost-intensive tool and mold construction.

And it only takes only a few minutes to switch from one component or one material to another.

Material and environmentally friendly cold printing process

Our 3D technology is based on an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly cold printing process. At room temperature, without the need for any lasers.

This protects the materials used and ensures that the processed biomaterial can survive. That is all part of the package!

No post-processing

The high precision of our 3D technology eliminates the need for time-consuming and costly post-processing for the manufactured components. No depowdering is required.

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