Employee benefits

Employees who are satisfied in the long term are our most important resource.


We spare no effort or expense to achieve this.


Employee participation

All the employees are Exentis shareholders and therefore co-owners of our joint company. That is why we all pull in the same direction. There is no divisional thinking at our company.

Regular training

We invest in our employees, who are our most important resource. Developing and continually training our employees is a top priority for us.

Career prospects

A wide range of internal development opportunities are available, both in Switzerland and internationally.

Flexible working models

We offer flexible time schedules and various part-time schemes.

Working from home

Depending on the area of responsibility, a balanced mix of work in the office and at home is possible.

Free parking

One free parking space is available for each employee.


We provide subsidized “superfresh” high-quality meals with a short preparation time.

Beer, wine and spirits

No, these are (unfortunately) not available. But non-alcoholic drinks and coffee are available free of charge.

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