Exentis 3D technology

Exentis 3D technology is based on screen printing.


It may sound old and outdated at first glance. But that is far from the truth!


Using our high-tech expertise, we have added the third dimension to traditional high-precision screen printing technology and completely industrialized the production process.

Large-scale production of components through Industrialized Additive Manufacturing

Unlike other additive manufacturing technologies, our
3D technology can produce millions of parts per year with just one production system. Both industrial and cleanroom applications.

One example:

Our 3D technology can easily produce up to 200 million tablets per year with freely definable release profiles for the active pharmaceutical ingredients in the human body.

So, have we already convinced you? There are even more benefits!

Those using our 3D technology, our Exentis 3D Community members, have complete freedom in the choice of their materials or active pharmaceutical ingredients when manufacturing their applications.

And they can flexibly combine different materials and active pharmaceutical ingredients in one application.

That is really neat, isn’t it?

Switching from one material to another or from one component to the next only takes a few minutes on our 3D production systems. This is a unique benefit in terms of flexibility in the production process.

No other industrialized production process can keep up with that.

Sorry, guys.

Our 3D technology is comprehensively protected by patent law. With approx. 4,500 patent claims and an average patent term of approximately 15 years.

That is a really expensive business, but it is essential. It allows us to pass on this long-term protection to our 3D community members via licensing agreements.

3D community members obtain long-term exclusivity for their specific applications and, as a result, enjoy a crucial competitive advantage in the market. And they can therefore charge premium prices.

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