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Exentis has an comprehensively patented 3D technology platform: it is the only 3D printing company in the world that manages to handle large-scale production known as Industrialized Additive Manufacturing – with a free choice of materials.

Exentis is a 3D solution provider that develops all-round applications for its customers as part of development projects and also handles the production of products and semi-finished products.



One major focus involves developing customized materials.

Customers then decide whether Exentis should produce the applications or whether they should purchase their own Exentis 3D production systems embedded with a manufacturing licence and complete the production at their own premises. In this case, Exentis provides the process expertise, the Exentis 3D production systems, printing screens, pastes, services and, if necessary, even the operating personnel as a one-stop shop.

The Exentis 3D technology platform can be used in any environment – for industrial parts made of metals and ceramics or the clean room production of pharmaceutical or bioprinting applications. Instead of converting tools in a time-consuming, costly manner, customers can make all kinds of adjustments to the geometry within just a few days by using new screen sets.

Exentis Group – the inventor and pioneer of 3D Mass Customization®

Industrialized Additive Manufacturing

Exentis combines numerous core areas of expertise, which are enabling it to grow at an above-average rate in the 3D market. These areas of competence include the unique global capacity to complete large-scale series production work using the 3D screen print technology. The 3D production machines make it possible to manufacture several million parts per annum. In contrast to each other generative procedures, the Exentis technology offers a free choice of materials.

Customized material development

The choice of material is extremely important for the properties of the component. In addition to metals and alloys based on steel, copper, aluminium, refractory metals or rare earths, the 3D screen printing technology can also print ceramics, glass, polymers, organic substances and biomaterials. Composite materials complete the range. More than 100 different materials can now be printed from pastes.

Make or Buy

Customers decide whether they would like Exentis to manufacture their products or whether they would like to produce them at their own premises. Dual sourcing strategies are available, where Exentis looks after the ramp-up work and the basic production and the customer then sets up its own production facility at its premises.


If customers opt for their own local production, Exentis provides its services from a single source. Exentis offers its services as a one-stop shop and supplies customers with the process expertise, the Exentis 3D production unit(s), printing screens, pastes, services and, if necessary, the operating personnel too.

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