Manufacturing technologies compared

Our 3D technology is disruptive.
In every respect.


A completely novel approach among additive manufacturing technologies.


Our 3D technology offers outstanding benefits for our Exentis 3D community members, the users of our technology.

Benefits of our technology compared to other additive manufacturing technologies

This presentation is absolutely subjective.

We would be stupid to write anything negative here. But seriously. This is the honest assessment of our managers who have had decades of experience in the additive manufacturing industry.

Do you see things differently? We do not hide away and are prepared to discuss any issue.

Benefits of our technology compared to traditional manufacturing technologies

Our 3D technology also has the potential to disrupt traditional manufacturing technologies. They need to be prepared for some tough competition – at any time.

Because we can do both: quantity and quality. Highest quantities, even for ultra-fine component structures that do not need any subsequent processing.

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