Application examples

New Energy

Stator/rotor sheets

Stator and rotor sheets are very thin metal sheets, which are thinner than a human hair. A large number of these sheets – insulated from each other – are stacked above each other to form stator or rotor blocks. They are the main components in electric motors.

Benefits of Exentis 3D technology

By using our 3D technology, these sheets can be made up to two-thirds thinner than with any other traditional manufacturing technology. It is therefore possible to manufacture electric motors that are up to two thirds smaller in size than conventional ones.

Additionally, the processing capability of materials with a high alloy content and the lower weight and volume create an increase in performance and energy efficiency.

Best of all, the production costs for stator and rotor sheets that are manufactured using our 3D technology are only a fraction of the costs incurred by traditional manufacturing technologies.

So, what are you waiting for?

Bipolar plates

Bipolar plates are essential components in fuel cells. They convert fuel like hydrogen into electricity and water by feeding in oxygen.

Fuel cells are already used in cars and trucks as well as in stationary applications (supplying electricity and heat to buildings locally). They will play a decisive role in the energy transition towards clean energy in the future.

Benefits of Exentis 3D technology

Our 3D technology enables the production of complex flow fields within these bipolar plates that are made of graphite, metal or composite materials, while at the same time reducing weight and volume.

All these factors contribute to a significant increase in fuel cell performance.

Our 3D technology is keeping pace with the times. This is our contribution to create a sustainable, hydrogen-based circular economy in the future.

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