Our values

Our common understanding of joint values is the basis of our success.


We focus on three core values:


Promoting individuality

Employees are more satisfied, more motivated and more productive if they can make contributions in a way that reflects their identity and personality. That is why we demand and promote equal opportunities in every respect.

A culture of mutual appreciation and respect is important to us. In our view, every employee is a human being. Our employees can develop individually, regardless of their gender, age, origin or other differences.

A passionate team spirit

A team spirit and passion are key factors to successfully work together.

When looking back on the successes that we have achieved, they are entirely due to hard work, reliability and the team spirit of our employees. Hard work forms the basis for our success; there are often imponderables and risks, but great pleasure too.

The overriding goal of establishing our innovative 3D technology as the new industry standard in the market is what unites us. This is where the team is the most important factor.

Value added through technology

Our 3D technology provides our 3D community members with the unique opportunity to produce components, pharmaceuticals or bioprinting products on a large, industrialized scale. With a free choice of materials or active pharmaceutical ingredients.

This opens up a wide range of benefits for our 3D community members: technologically, in the variety of materials that can be used, in preventing upstream and downstream manufacturing processes that were previously necessary, preventing material waste and, of course, providing an attractive price/performance ratio.

These benefits put our 3D community members in the promising position of significantly strengthening their own competitive position as they use our innovative 3D technology.

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