Patent portfolio & exclusivity

Our 3D technology platform is comprehensively patented.


With 4,500 patent claims. After all, we do not want anyone to steal our technology.


The average term of our patents is approximately 15 years – which is a very young patent portfolio overall.

We pass on this benefit to our 3D community members, the users of our technology, via long-term license agreements.

They receive long-term exclusivity for their specific applications and a crucial competitive advantage in the market. And can therefore charge premium prices.

Years ⌀ patent

Active patent



The use of our 3D technology platform requires the purchase of a license. This license can be structured in different ways, depending on the intended use.

In general, there are three types of licenses:

Global licenses

  • Worldwide use of Exentis 3D technology within a defined area (e.g., for the development and production of pharmaceuticals with freely definable release profiles for the active ingredients)
  • Enable granting of sub-licenses globally

Regional licenses

  • Use of Exentis 3D technology for a defined purpose in a specific geographical region, e.g. a country
  • Enable granting of sub-licenses in the relevant region

Individual licenses

  • Use of a specific material or combination of materials in a single application

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