Application examples


Tablets with a flexible release profile of the active pharmaceutical ingredients

Benefits of Exentis 3D technology

Our 3D technology makes it possible to produce special tablets with a flexibly definable release profile of the active pharmaceutical ingredients in the human body. With one or several active ingredients at the same time.

Our 3D technology significantly increases the comfort of patients who depend on a continuous supply of active ingredients or need active ingredients at precisely defined times. They no longer need to spend time in hospital for infusions or get up in the night.

The most important indications for which specific drugs are already being developed using our 3D technology, include diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and epilepsy.

Other potential areas of application are in the field of nutritional supplements (for example for competitive sports) or in pet medicine.

It is possible to produce more than 200 million of these innovative tablets per year on one single 3D production system. No other technology can achieve that.

Wound healing tissue

This kind of high-tech wound healing tissue will be used directly on wounds in the human body after the removal of tumors, for example.

Precisely at the places where traditional post-operative radiation therapy is only possible to a limited extent.

Benefits of Exentis 3D technology

Using our 3D technology, we are able to produce special wound healing tissue made of silicone, in which active cell cultures are incorporated, using our cold printing process. This accelerates wound healing at places that are difficult to reach otherwise.

Our 3D technology is making an active contribution to saving lives. This is actually hard to believe. We are very proud of this.

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