Sustainability at Exentis

Sustainability is not just a buzzword for us.


But an integral part of our corporate responsibility.


We take this corporate responsibility very seriously. Without making any compromise.

Our goal is to handle the economy, our environment and our employees in such a way that all our corporate processes, including the impact of our technology and our business model, are established in a responsible manner and cause no problems for future generations.

Economic sustainability

Securing the long-term existence of our company is crucially important for all our stakeholders. Our major goal here is to safeguard our competitiveness and future viability through innovations.

Economic stability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive, in our view. As a sustainably operating company, we pay attention to dealing with physical capital, business-relevant knowledge and the experience gained in a responsible manner. Quality is just as important as regional networking and a continual dialogue with our 3D community members.

We make sure that the materials that are purchased and the suppliers’ products are produced in conditions that ensure that people and the natural world are handled responsibly.

Whenever possible and economically justifiable, manufacturers and suppliers are selected from the area immediately surrounding the Exentis business sites. If there are any doubts, we always choose the supplier located in the immediate vicinity.

Our procurement policy with regard to resource and energy efficiency is constantly under review in order to minimize transport routes and protect the environment.

Ecological sustainability

We take responsibility for the natural world and the environment through our 3D technology, which relies on a resource-saving cold printing process. Our 3D community members, the users of our 3D technology, also benefit from these sustainability advantages.

Our focus is on maximum material and energy efficiency in the manufacturing process. We have set ourselves the goal of using nothing but sustainable raw materials, having full recyclability and preventing transport operations by using local production.

You can find additional information about these sustainability aspects of our 3D technology here.

Social responsibility

Our employees are our most valuable asset. We are convinced that employees are more satisfied, more motivated and more productive if they can make contributions in a way that reflects their identity and personality.

We demand and promote equal opportunities and a culture of mutual appreciation and respect. In our view, every employee is a human being, regardless of their gender, age, origin or other differences.

Creating attractive working conditions is therefore a top priority for us. Innovative work and development models rolled out across the company ensure that our employees enjoy further training and motivation throughout all the phases of their lives. Established training and management programs offer them the chance to gain a wide range of experience and development prospects in Switzerland and wherever else we operate.

Our employee benefits are described in detail in our careers section.

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