Application examples

Ultra-fine Structures

Hydraulic filters

With only a few millimeters in diameter, hydraulic filters are the secret stars among the industrial components that are produced using our 3D technology.

Micro hydraulic filters are used in hydraulic lines for cars. With several hundred micro channels in a minute area, they ensure that the hydraulic oil is reliably filtered in the long term.

Benefits of Exentis 3D technology

No other manufacturing technology can produce such fine channels with this quality.

As a result, brake failure due to the contamination of hydraulic oil is a thing of the past. Our 3D technology therefore makes a significant contribution to road safety.


Collimators are used in modern computer tomographs or as optical filters, for example.

At first glance, they look as if they are made of solid material – but they are not. Their interior is absolutely high-tech.

Benefits of Exentis 3D technology

Using our 3D technology, ultra-fine structures of 50 micrometers can be produced. This enables efficient filtering and alignment of the X-rays and therefore significantly improves image resolution.

No other technology can do this.

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