What we do

Exentis is unique. Innovative. And very dynamic.


And absolutely determined when it comes to meeting the needs of our 3D community members, the users of our technology, in the best possible way.


We own a 3D technology platform that we have developed and that is unrivaled anywhere else in the world. Unlike other additive manufacturing technologies, we are able to handle large-scale production. Both for industrial applications and in cleanroom settings. Without making any compromise.

And this all comes with the highest precision levels. Using our 3D technology, it is very easy to manufacture components with wall thicknesses smaller than the diameter of a human hair.

And what is best of all, our 3D technology is capable of processing almost any material. With flexible combination options for the materials.

This creates a wide range of possible applications in many different industries.

For example, pharmaceutical applications like tablets with freely definable release profiles for the active pharmaceutical ingredients, bioprinting or the production of industrial components with improved properties for use in electric motors or fuel cells.

And these are just a few.

Our 3D technology platform is protected by a comprehensive patent portfolio with approximately 4,500 patent claims. This forms the basis for our license-based business model.

The use our 3D technology platform requires the acquisition of a license. The scope of this license varies depending on its intended use. It can range from a license to use a specific material in a single application to a global license, for example to develop, manufacture and commercialize pharmaceuticals worldwide.

Thanks to this licensing agreement, our 3D community members obtain long-term exclusivity for their specific applications, while gaining a decisive competitive advantage in the marketplace. They can therefore charge premium prices. It is a license to print (money), so to speak.

Alternatively, we offer contract manufacturing for smaller series of components.