Who we are

We are diverse in the truest sense of the word. In every respect.


There were just five of us six years ago. We now number more than 100. And this figure is continuing to grow.


We are a unique mix of screen printing experts, engineers, assembly specialists, developers, programmers, mechanical engineers, material scientists, marketing wizards and financial experts who keep a close eye on the latter.

And we are all shareholders of our company. Of our Exentis. All of us. Without any exception. You will not find that anywhere else.

Our lawyers have told us not to write anything like this. It is possible that there is another company of a similar size with a comparable business model, in which all the employees have a stake, somewhere else in the world.

We do not believe that. But we believe in the uniqueness of Exentis and its technology, for the benefit of our customers.

That is why we have made this statement anyway.

Michael is our lead development engineer. Together with his team, he ensures that our 3D production systems deliver what our marketing wizards promise: high-quality production on a large scale.

He is also taking care of the ongoing development of our systems.
Our 3D screen printing experts are familiar with all the secrets of 3D screen printing.

And every day they are fascinated by the exciting possibilities that 3D screen printing technology offers. Just as we all are.
No component can be produced without some material, i.e. without a paste. Noémie and Latifa, our paste system experts, can turn almost any powder into a paste.

But it all comes down to having the right mixture. It is a science in itself. But not for Noémie and Latifa.
Christine heads the Legal & Compliance department. With her legal expertise and her maximum precision, she ensures that we do everything properly at our company. And she leaves nothing to chance.
Amir is responsible for our comprehensive patent portfolio, which forms the basis for granting exclusive long-term licenses to our customers.

And he is further developing the portfolio on a continuous basis, always with a precise look on important details.
Uwe and his team handle the product management and configuration of our 3D systems, ensuring that our customers get exactly what they had in mind.
That is diversity in practice. Every day.
And that is what is moving us forward.

However, we are also absolutely united. We are determined to offer the users of our 3D technology platform, our 3D community members, unique value added.

And for the sake of completeness: Yes, we do have something like a Management Board and a Board of Directors. Some say unfortunately – others fortunately.

Management Board

Dr Gereon Heinemann
Chief Executive Officer

Gereon is an astute businessman when it comes to strategy. He has had many years of international experience in setting up and managing technology companies. It is difficult to outwit him. In other words, he is ideally suited for his role as Chief Executive Officer (CEO).

In addition, he has a high level of expertise in developing and commercializing additive manufacturing technologies and applying them on an industrial scale.

Prior to joining Exentis, Gereon spent more than ten years holding various board positions at SLM Solutions Group AG, Fritz Studer AG and IRPD AG, to name just a few.

Gereon has a PhD in mechanical engineering (ETH Zurich) with a particular focus on production technologies and materials science.

Frédéric Zeutzius
Chief Financial Officer

In his role as Chief Financial Officer, Frédéric is responsible for the finance administration departments. Finance is his great passion. He is very careful to ensure that no money is wasted and is absolutely unyielding in this respect.

He has extensive management experience in the financial sector, including several years as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to Exentis, he worked for Deloitte, Nyrstar, Benteler Trading International and Dagsmejan Ventures, among others.

Frédéric is a graduate of HEC Lausanne (BSc in Management) and the University of St. Gallen (Master of Arts in Banking and Finance). In addition, he earned another master’s degree in the CEMS program (MSc in International Management).

Dr Srdan Vasic
Chief Product Officer

Srdan knows our 3D technology platform better than anyone else, playing a leading role in its development and industrialization in his previous role as Chief Technology Officer. As Chief Product Officer, he ensures that our customers receive their applications as fast as possible and in the highest quality.

Srdan has now been working at Exentis for more than six years. Prior to that, he held various positions at Oerlikon Balzers Coating AG, Novartis, ETH Zurich and the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology (Empa).

Srdan has a PhD and a diploma in materials engineering (ETH Zurich).

Andreas Gürtner
Chief Operating Officer

As Chief Operating Officer, Andreas is responsible for the ongoing development of our 3D technology platform. He is also in charge of the engineering, final assembly and service of our 3D systems.

Prior to joining Exentis, Andreas worked as Head of Project Office and Head of Project Management at m-tec group for Zoomlion and Saint-Gobain in Germany and China in international plant engineering and construction.

Andreas has a degree in mechanical engineering as well as a degree in business administration – general management.

Dr Michael Cloots
Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer, Michael is the linchpin of our 3D technology platform. As the Head of our 3D Innovation Center, he drives the industrialization of our 3D technology and the continuous development of our 3D systems.

Before joining Exentis, Michael worked as the Head of Additive Manufacturing for IRPD AG as well as for MAN.

Michael has a PhD and a diploma in engineering (ETH Zurich / RWTH Aachen).

Board of Directors

Ralf P. Brammer
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Ralf is our chairman. However, he does not insist on people addressing him as such. We would not do that anyway.

Ralf has extensive expertise in setting up and managing growth companies. He has been a long-time entrepreneur, investor and board member and was a CFO in the financial services industry with a focus on capital markets and value management in the past.

He has degrees in industrial engineering, computer science and an MBA (Seattle, USA).


Maximilian Büttiker
Member of the Board of Directors

Maximilian can draw on many years of experience and has a broad knowledge of steel production and financial management, with in-depth experience in M&As and structured finance.

He worked for a steel group in the USA and Canada for several years and for a major Swiss bank in corporate and investment banking, where he supported transactions in the SME segment.

He has a master’s degree from the University of Fribourg.

Albert F. Angehrn
Member of the Board of Directors

Albert is a financial expert with great expertise. He has many years of management experience at a major Swiss bank and spent several years in the USA.

IESE Global Program for Management Development (Michigan, USA).